The Market Selection tool will help you to understand how different markets may contribute to the goals of your selected impact group, and guide you towards short listing the 1-3 most appropriate markets for further analysis.

Use the market selection tool after identifying you impact group and their respective goals (using the Impact Group Classification tool or other means), and before more detailed market mapping.

All steps are relevant to Humanitarian and Development programmes. Depth of analysis, however, may vary according to the context:

• Programmes planned in areas often affected by shocks should pay considerable attention when selecting assessment criteria in Step 3 and 4 and should consider using supplementary guidance such as the section on post-shock considerations in the Market Mapping guidance document.
• Only a very light implementation of Step 6 is suggested in contexts where development programmes are not likely to follow humanitarian programmes.

Average time investment for using this tool

At least 1-2 days for humanitarian interventions, and 3-5 days for longer term development interventions.

Who leads

Project manager

Who needs to be involved

Project staff, programme managers and partners; market representatives/ actors that have an overview of market systems; local and international NGOs, government actors and civil society groups working in the intervention area should also be consulted during this step, to obtain their views on capacities and vulnerabilities of the population of interest.
In the case of understanding labour markets key informants and representatives of the type of labour identified should be involved. Consider representatives from associations/unions and training institutions.